When it comes to Southwest Louisiana, there truly is no place like home. As explained in the video below SWLA was more like a no-man land, where the south meets the west. This is mainly because this part of Louisiana wasn't part of the state, but rather the frontier between the United States and Spain.

This is exactly why everything is so unique or different in SWLA versus other parts of the state. We got our own thing going on! The architecture, culture, Mardi Gras, Creole language, cooking and so much more make the bottom, southwest corner of Louisiana a fascinating place to live and visit.  Renata Pereira is a travel expert and former TV journalist who created the show renetapereira.tv, to tell unique and interesting stories about amazing places around the world. A few years ago she produced a wonderful travel vlog for tourists that explores Lake Charles and other parts of SWLA. Her travel vlog of our area was not only exciting but very informative, detailed, and above all else accurate. I'm from here and not only did I learn a few things, but I also couldn't stop watching the videos.

Take a moment to watch them for yourself. Trust me, in minutes you'll enjoy the scenery, listen to historic information, and learn more about the various foods and architecture than you thought you already knew. For those who are not from here, she really does an amazing job showcasing all the reasons why they should come and stay for a while. Take a one-of-a-kind historic tour, complete with a historian guide to explain the goings on. Throughout the videos, they will make king cake, eat at local restaurants, listen to music, take a tour, and even partake in Zydeco lessons!

Great job to Renata and her crew! Thank you for highlighting and sharing Lake Charles, Sulphur, and SWLA with the rest of the world. Since we are celebrating all things Lake Charles, SWLA and Calcasieu there is a bonus video of Grammy-nominated Zydeco artist Sean Ardoin performing the Zydeco version of Pharrell William's "Happy." This song and video are very special because Sean is born and raised in Lake Charles. The video was shot and produced in Lake Charles. It features our citizens, our university, city officials, and the Mayor (at the time) radio DJs and also highlights the city of Lake Charles! I say again when it comes to Southwest Louisiana, there is truly no place like home.

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