Let's face it, Southwest Louisiana has had a rough year. First, we got hit with the pandemic just like everybody else, but then we were also slapped with two back-to-back hurricanes most of us are still recovering from, followed by the same winter storm that took down virtually all of Texas. For some people, it might be time for a change.

Now, we're not recommending anyone leave our great state. We actually really need people to stay and continue to help rebuild our beautiful area back to its former glory, but next hurricane season is right around the corner and we won't begrudge anyone for having had enough. (Doesn't it seem like the next hurricane season is always right around the corner, no matter what time of year it is?)

Anyway, if you're thinking about heading out, you might want to give Northwest Arkansas a look. Apparently, they're a little desperate for new blood in The Natural State (which is totally their official state nickname, for some reason), and they're willing to pay top dollar to get it.

It's called the Life Works Here Initiative and is being organized by the Northwest Arkansas Council. They're shelling out more than one million bucks over six months in an effort to attract "top talent" to the region.

What does that mean for you? Well, they're taking applications now, and anyone they select will receive $10,000 to move to the region. But wait, there's more! They'll even throw in a street or mountain bike to encourage you to bicycle down "162 miles of paved trails, the 37-mile Razorback Regional Greenway, and the 322 miles of world-class mountain biking trails" in the area. If you like money and mountain biking, you could do a lot worse.

If you head over to findingnwa.com, you'll find all the details and a link to apply. We hate to see you go, but if they happen to select your application, drop us a note so we can say goodbye.

And a small finder's fee for turning you onto the idea wouldn't hurt...

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