I ran across this story the other day about a mother of three who was making $150,000 a month from her Only fans account.

While this is nothing new since almost everyone has an Only Fans account now as a means to subsidize their income or create a platform to bring in a following, what struck me a little odd about this one was that the mother has an Only Fans account and her three kids were expelled from school because of it. I found out that it was a Catholic school, but here are some things I am confused about on this case.

Why are the children being penalized because of her account? What does this have to do with their performance or academic stature in school. What happened to freedom of speech and press? The fact that some Karens who are obviously jealous at the attention this mother is getting is truly sad. Maybe she doesn't roll with them or socialize with them, but this is really a prime example of people sticking their nose in where it doesn't belong.

Do you know how many artists I talk to on a daily? Imagine if a local rapper or singer's kids were being pulled out of school because of their music. If the business decisions being made by the parent are not directly reflecting a negative effect on the child, I think this needs to be on a need to handle bases. There is no way you'll get your home in order by telling someone how they should be cleaning theirs.

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