Harahan Mayor Tim Baudier made an announcement recently that the city would indeed be holding a full-blown Mardi Gras parade this year on May 30.

Over the last decade, the city has not had a Mardi Gras parade go down its streets, but the Mayor feels that by May, it might be time to start the tradition back up again. The city is already making adjustments to its power lines and traffic lights to allow floats to pass under them safely. Mayor Baudier did tell WDSU News the city will encourage all parade goers to wear masks and that if you simply don't feel safe attending, stay home.

The Louisiana Department of Health remained strong on their opinion to WDSU, saying they really can't predict what the COVID-19 numbers would be in May. Baudier seemed to keep an open mind to that fact and did say they, as they've done this entire time, will continue to watch the data as the date of the parade gets closer. He also went on to say if the numbers are not where they need to be, there would be no problem pushing the parade to a later date.

Obviously, in Lake Charles we have faced the same issue. Mardi Gras SWLA canceled all festivities and activities due to the pandemic and rise in numbers. Could there be a possibility of us having a 2021 Mardi Gras redo in 2021? Personally, I don't see why not. As the vaccine continues to come out in the coming weeks, the numbers should begin to drop more. Why couldn't we have a parade to at least celebrate something good for once in Lake Charles after the year we have had. I'll keep my fingers crossed, for sure.

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