This afternoon, Thursday, February 25,  Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards will be holding a press conference where he is expected to provide an update on the recovery efforts from the ice storm all of Louisiana was hit with last week and our current situation with COVID-19.

Edwards is expected to touch on the ongoing efforts for assistance and recovery after another major storm hit Louisiana.

He is also going to talk about the current state of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. The Governor and the Louisiana Department of Health expanded access to the vaccine so adults 55 and older with severe health issues, teachers, daycare workers, and pregnant women can currently get the vaccine.

On top of that, a lot of business owners and residents will be curious to hear if Louisiana will stay in a modified Phase Two will we be moved into a different phase.

The current Phase Two order is set to expire on March 3, so most are expecting an announcement on that and what restrictions may be lifted that could help local businesses like bars, movie theaters, and other places that have been forced to be shut down since last year.

Governor Edwards will take the podium at 2:00pm to address all these topics. So we will know today exactly what direction our state is moving in and if things will start opening back up.

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