When Thanksgiving comes around, houses all over Southwest Louisiana will start to be smelling good with all sorts of food cooking up, maybe even Cajun food!

I remember growing up in a Cajun household, we always looked forward to the holidays because that's when you got the best homemade dishes that made you want to take you a nap.

In Southwest Louisiana, I find that the main dish isn't always turkey during Thanksgiving. I mean, baked turkey is the norm, but in South Louisiana, we always had a fried turkey and sometimes a smoked turkey. But sometimes, the turkey isn't what we have a craving for, so we also have beef roasts, gumbos, and even a crawfish etouffee as the main dish.

Art of Manliness via YouTube
Art of Manliness via YouTube

For sides, rice dressing (we call it dirty rice) is always a staple on the menu. Cornbread dressing, sweet potato anything, and cranberry sauce are a given.

The deserts, however, are always the stars of the show: pecan pie, carrot cake, fudge with pecans, and Grandma's famous banana cake.

Just wanted to share what Louisiana Cajuns like us eat during the holidays. Is your menu close?

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