At College Station in Texas, there is a hangout for the Aggies called The Dixie Chicken. It opened in 1974 with only a $7,000 investment to convert it from a pool hall into a bar. Since then, it is now the oldest bar in the area. The decoration inside was inspired by a Jerry Jeff Walker album, and includes saloon swinging doors, wooden tables, and even a rattle snake. More on the snake in a minute.

Just before 9:00pm last night, Texas began to experience heavy rains. That heavy downfall took down part of the roof that houses the cage for their rattle snake. If that doesn't scream Texas to me, I don't know what would. The snake, named Sneaky Snake, resides in a cage under the area of the collapse, but she was not harmed and has been secured off site safely according to their Twitter page, @thedixiechicken.

The bar also went on to explain on Twitter how, when they had to close due to the COVID-19 concerns, they knew they would be back and ready to serve their customers. After this incident, it seems their hopes are still up. They finished their statement with how they hope to be back open as soon as possible and stay open for another 45 years.

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