Sports. That seems to be the big question on a lot of people's minds lately, whether it be college football, NFL, or MLB. WBRZ reported yesterday that LSU students returning in the fall might have to wear masks while on campus and in the classrooms. There is also a thought to cancel their fall break so that it cuts down on students venturing away from campus and possibly returning infected.

A reporter for WBRZ, Bess Casserleigh, @BCasserleigh, tweeted out quotes as she interviewed LSU's interim president, Thomas Galligan.

With the CDC guidelines for helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it does say that wearing masks in schools is highly suggested for students over the age of two years old.

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Galligan says that plans are being put in place for things such as scheduled eating times for students, entrance-only doors for classrooms, exit-only doors for classrooms, along with up-only staircases and down-only staircases. He went on during the interview to even mention that there will more than likely be a mask requirement for football games, assuming the stadium will actually be able to have people attend games.

Nothing has been set in stone for the campus, yet. Schools all over the state, not just colleges, are working to put the same sort of plans in place in order to keep students and faculty as safe as possible.

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