They guys and gals of "Swamp People" can see the finish line and Thursday night we will find out who will be crowned the king of the swamp.

This will be an exciting end to the season because it all comes down to two gator hunters R.J. Molinere and current "King of the Swamp" Troy Landry. Who will it be?

As the last day of the month-long alligator season dawns, the moment of truth arrives. Today is about one thing: tagging out before the season ends at sundown. Troy is determined to hold on to his crown. He s got only 14 tags to go, but to cement his reputation Troy wants one more monster that will make a statement to the competition. R.J. and his son Jay are down to their final tags. For this father-son duo, tagging out will mean that they ve filled a bayou-best 500 tags this season.

Source: History Channel