Bad news for Sulphur Tors fans, as the 2020 football season is apparently coming to an end due to COVID-19 concerns.

So much has been affected since the pandemic began from the economy, jobs, deaths of our loved ones, and just normal everyday things we take for granted. One of those is sports.

We have already seen that the NBA had to play their past season in what was known as the "Bubble" and the NHL and Major League Baseball played with no fans until the World Series.

Then there is football. Local teams like the McNeese Cowboys postponed their fall football season and opted to play it in the spring of 2021. That season will start in February. Then the high school football season was also up in the air but finally got underway in October.

High School Football (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
High School Football (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Well, one of Southwest Louisiana's football season is coming to an end. The folks that run the Sulphur Golden Tors Facebook page took to their page to make a post yesterday to make a big announcement about their 2020 football season.

They said that, due to a couple of COVID-19 cases and contact tracing, their 2020 football season was coming to an end. They went on to thank the seniors for a great four years.

Here is what the post actually said.


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