The photos you see here were not taken in South Carolina, but in Lake Charles in the Spring and September of THIS YEAR! We know how quickly water can rise and cover the roadway, making markings, shoulders and ditches invisible. And how do we know how deep it is or if there is a current?

No one in South Carolina or anywhere in the nation could have prepared for the type of flooding they have experienced over the last few days. Houses, businesses, streets, all washed away in a matter of hours.


Even more sobering is that, as of Monday afternoon, at least nine people are dead, and all of them were killed on the roadways of South Carolina. Read that again.



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Five people drowned when the cars they were in were swept away by rushing floodwater. Was there standing water? Did they try to make it through? I have no idea, and I know the thoughts that are running through my mind take my breath away. How many times have I seen water and chanced it? Have you?


The four other people who perished in South Carolina were killed in traffic accidents. It's not possible for everyone to stay home. Emergency responders, medical personnel, reporters, and a host of other people in select professions must get to work to keep the public safe or do their jobs. Who knows where these four people were headed or what their purpose for being on the roadway was. Whatever it was, it's a tragic, heartbreaking loss of life that can serve as a reality check for all of us who are live where frequent, flash flooding is part of our lives.



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