If you've never been to an air show before, let us fill you in on what you'll need before you walk into the gates for the 2015 Kia of Lake Charles Chennault International Air Show. Trust us -- you'll thank us later.

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    Buffer Your Ears -- Protection Is A Must

    The most important thing to know about an airshow is that it's LOUD. And that seems like a no-brainer -- after all, jet engines are powerful machines -- but spend a day at an air show without some sort of protection for your ears, and you'll be yelling at people for a week.

    Earplugs will be available at the show, but it's not a bad idea to bring your own -- especially if you're going to bring the kids. You want young ears to last a long time, and there will be plenty of visual stimulation to keep them busy.

    "It's thrilling," said Airshow Director Mary Jo Bayles, "but's it's also very loud. We can't stress ear protection enough."

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    Be Prepared to Do Some Walking

    The air show's events are located a little bit away from the actual action, so come prepared to be mobile -- in shoes that are comfortable. And of course, that means you should also be prepared with chairs, too.

    Bayles reminded attendees they are encouraged to bring lawn chairs out to the event. Performers are instructed specifically to fly away from audiences, so there are plenty of safe spaces for spectators to grab a seat and see the whole show.

    Wheelchairs will be available for free for those who otherwise have trouble getting around, and the show is in complete ADA compliance.

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    Binoculars? Yes, Please!

    You don't have to have binoculars to enjoy the air show by any means -- but it sure won't hurt. Sometimes it's hard to believe that there are actual human beings performing the stunts you'll see at this show.

    "You're probably going to see somethings these planes weren't necessarily made to do," laughed Bayles.

    There will be souvenir vendors on-site, but if you have pair of binoculars, pack them to bring with you.

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    Bring Your Autograph Book

    This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to get autographs from some of aviation's most famous and incredible performers. The last thing you're going to want to feel on air show day is regret -- regret you didn't bring a pen.

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    Bunk With a Friend

    Hotel space will be at a premium during the show. The number of performers alone will fill many of Lake Charles' rooms. If you haven't booked a room yet, you might want to get on that -- or be prepared to crash at a friend's house, if you can.

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    But Keep These Things At Home

    There are a list of things, however, that won't be allowed at the air show -- for various reasons. In some cases, it's because there are just some materials you can't have around high performance planes like these. (Did you know they have to literally vacuum the runways before the show to keep debris out of the jet engines?)

    That said, the following things should be left at home: coolers, tents, drinks, oversized bags, guns, knives, pets, bikes, skateboards, glass bottles/containers, cooking equipment (like grills), large beach umbrellas.