Yesterday, news outlets everywhere were spreading the news that SNL veteran, movie star, writer, and comedian Norm Macdonald lost his battle with cancer at 61. Most of us are aware of who Norm Macdonald is from SNL and movies, but like myself, I was not aware he even had cancer.

People not knowing Macdonald had cancer was actually a real thing. The comedian kept the information close to his chest for nine years as a matter of fact. He did it on purpose according to a close friend that was there when he passed. According to an article in USA Today, Macdonald didn't want the news of his health to impact his work. He felt that with it being publically known, it could change how the world saw him with his comedy or how it impacted his family.

Macdonald was a staple in the cast of SNL during the early 90's. His most famous character being his parody of Burt Reynolds during Celebrity Jeopardy skits. Macdonald was famously removed from SNL after a stunt he pulled on the live show during the news section that he was so famous for next to his Reynolds impression. SNL wasn't his first job in the television industry, he was a writer for the Rosanne sitcom and would go on to star in his own movie, Dirty Work, and other films as a co-star. 

I personally have always been a fan of Macdonald and his delivery being insanely dry, but could deliver on a joke each and every time no matter the subject. In my opinion, he was one of the last remaining comedians to make jokes about serious topics and get away with it every time. His saying about jokes always stuck with me.

A joke should catch someone by surprise, it should never pander.


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