The new National Hurricane Center path of Tropical Storm Nicholas has the storm skirting the coast before entering Louisiana which may mean more rain for SWLA tomorrow.

Currently, TS Nicholas is moving ENE at 6mph with max sustained winds at 40mph. The new track for the storm shows it hugging the coast instead of venturing more inland. Since the majority of the storm will still be over the Gulf of Mexico, more moisture could be picked up by the storm as it continues to our area at a snail's pace.

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National Hurricane Center

On the other hand, the National Hurricane Center is forecasting less rain in SWLA for Tropical Storm Nicholas. This is great news for us, however, bad news for SELA. They're dealing with Hurricane Ida recovery and the last thing they need is rain. It appears that everyone between New Orleans and until the tip of Florida's panhandle will be getting the worst rain from the storm.

National Hurricane Center

The new NHC update shows Tropical Storm Nicholas will be a depression once it reaches SWLA. One strange thing you've probably noticed about the new track for the storm is that once it leaves SWLA Nicholas is forecasted to take a sharp north turn heading to Central Louisiana.

Cameron Parish still has a high probablity of having to deal with flash floods from the rainfall and rest of SWLA has a moderate flash flood warning from the Naitonal Hurricane Center.

National Hurricane Center

We won't know until tomorrow to see if we have dodged the 5-10 inches of rain that was orginally forecasted for SWLA. The worst of Nicholas for SWLA should roll through our area tomorrow around 1:00pm.

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