We all remember the legendary comment provided by KPLC's Ben Terry. A commenter questioned the tone of Terry's post after trying to explain the severity of Hurricane Laura. The commenter talked about the tone and how it seemed a bit rude and wasn't appreciated after Ben explained that we all needed to leave the area and not wait till the last minute to do so because it would be too late. We all know the reply Ben gave her.

Change the channel then

Call it the clap back heard around the state. It certainly fired up supporters and gave us all a break from the reality we were all facing at the time.

In my opinion, when it comes to weather I want the holy trinity of weathermen to tell me what I need to know. Wade Hampton, Ben Terry, and Zack Fradella. Zack is a born and raised Louisiana boy that actually started his career fresh out of college at KPLC in Lake Charles. From there he moved back home to New Orleans to land a job at FOX 8. That is now where he resides and does the weather. I honestly didn't know much about him other than the fact that he did do a run at KPLC until Hurricane Laura came around. I started to see these updated from him on Facebook and he was right in line with not only our KPLC guys but Lake Charles legend Rob Robin.

As we watched all we could about Hurricane Nicholas sweeping across our state, we all looked for updates as time went on. Meteorologist Wade Hampton even told me in an interview that the path of it would be a wait-and-see game due to so many variables impacting its path that seemed to be changing constantly. It seemed every weather source has the same idea about it and seemed to also be very upfront about the situation. It seems we were all understanding except for one particular follower. Call her the Karen of the weather, because she was just not having it with all of this uncertainty.  She decided to fire back at Fradella, but I do not think she was prepared for the reply nor the support from followers.

Let's call this reply as being a nice way to say shove your opinion where the sun goes down. Was it as quick and to the point as Ben Terry? No. Was it amazing to watch unfold? My Lord, YES! I do have to make a comment, Zack was a little less petty than me. I think I would have said I hope it floods around you and floats all of that hate away but to each their own.

We all pick on the weather guys and gals when it comes to predicting what is going to happen. I myself love a good jab at them. However, when the pancake hits the fan, we all know where we are turning to in order to get information about the weather. Life is a guessing game in general, but it gets easier when it's an educated guess.


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