Round two of severe heavy rain and downpours in the Lake Charles area are taking it's toll on roadways in the city of Lake Charles.  The sudden and heavy downpours are causing wide spread flooding all over Southwest Louisiana.

A loyal listener and friend David Griffin sent me these photos of a car and a jeep that were swept away by the flooding in Lake Charles.  In the pictures you see a red Jeep and a white car were swept away from the massive flooding and pushed under neath a bridge.

Here is a video sent to me by my friend Russ Conrad of the Jeep being taken by the flood waters:


This was on Bank Street in Lake Charles right by St. Louis High School.  Wow that's crazy!

Cars and Jeep Stuck Under Bridge In Lake Charles (Photo provided By David Griffin)

There is currently a flash flood warning in effect for all of Southwest Louisiana.  Officials are saying to stay off the roadways if possible.