While I don't ever want one threatening the Louisiana coast, I admit that tropical systems fascinate me. Maybe it's because I was born on June 1, the first day of hurricane season. Whatever the reason, I've found ways through my years of being in the public information business to get the information the experts look at, even if I can't interpret or understand it. If you are a member of the unofficial "Tropical Weather Geek Society," here are a few places you may want to save to your favorites.

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    Mike's Weather Page

    I found Mike's Weather Page several years ago.  This is my favorite. As you will see, he includes the latest model runs, information from the National Hurricane Center, satellite and radar images, water vapor imagery (my personal favorite), and components I'm still discovering and learning to navigate. He does have a link to his Facebook page on the site, as well.

    Mike's Weather Page Facebook
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    National Hurricane Center's Facebook Page

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    Hurricane Hunters' Facebook Page

    Have you wondered what it's like inside a tropical system? NOAA's Hurricane Hunters fly into these storms and around them to let us know what they are doing that helps to keep us safe and informed. I like this page because it keeps us up-to-date on what they are doing, where they are going, and how these systems are acting. That information is interpreted by the real meteorologists, not just the armchair versions like me, to hopefully get people out of harm's way or so they can prepare themselves for an approaching system.

    NOAA Hurricane Hunters Facebook