The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office along with the Westlake Police Department conducted a seat belt and DWI checkpoint last Friday night June 15th in Westlake.

Here are the results from that checkpoint.

On Friday, June 15, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Westlake Police Department conducted a combination DWI checkpoint and a seatbelt checkpoint at the 1600 block of Sampson Street in Westlake to target individuals driving under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics, as well as those not wearing their seatbelt.

Six-hundred and seventy-three (673) vehicles were checked and ten (10) field sobriety tests were administered; twenty-six (26) citations were issued; and the following four (4) people were arrested for DWI:

Ronald B. Miller, 40, 915 Gordon Drive, Westlake

Lisa Lebaron, 43, 1108 Matilda Street, Westlake

Steven A. Perry, 57, 381 White Oak Road, Westlake

Ruby A. Davis, 45, 214 Cherokee Street, Kinder

Kade J. Barbier, 22, 4121 Tracy Circle, Sulphur, was arrested for driving while on suspension for DWI; possession of marijuana (synthetic); possession of drug paraphernalia; possession of firearm with narcotics present; and no license plate light.

The following citations were issued:

·         six (6) for no seatbelt

·         one (1) failure to signal

·         one (1) illegal window tint

·         two (2) no child restraint

·         one (1) driving under suspension

·         one (1) possession of tobacco by a minor

·         one (1) failure to register vehicle

·         five (5) expired motor vehicle inspection

·         three (3) expired license plate

·         one (1) improper lane change

·         one (1) running stop sign

Participating in this checkpoint were the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office; Westlake Police Department; Louisiana State Police—Troop D; Calcasieu Parish District Attorney’s Office; and Lake Charles Police Department.

Source: CPSO Kim Myers

Buckle up, designate a driver and be safe out there!


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