We just received news today that there is a new scam being reported as a victim received priority mail from the local post office. According to the Sheriff's office, there was a letter stating that they had been selected to participate in a "Secret Survey Assignment" by evaluating a list of stores that carry or sell American Express Gift Card.

The Sheriff's Office stated that a letter included instructs the victim to deposit a check that is included in the envelope. They are then instructed to use part of the fund to purchase $1,500 worth of gift cards. Followed by instructions to take photos of the front and back of the gift cards, then text and email them to the contact information along with additional information requested in reference to the store where the cards were purchased. Here is what the letter looks like that the victim may receive.


Be warned that this in fact a scam, and should be reported if you have any doubts, or questions of potentially being a victim. Please call the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office at 491-3605.


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