This is the first Father's Day without my Dad and man...I miss him. I know he's still here in another way and that gives me comfort. He was a magnificent performer and he spent his life doing what he loved to do, sing. When wasn't performing around the world New York, Japan, Spain, Ohio etc. My Dad has been all over the everywhere and back again. He was tough and didn't take ANY mess, but nonconfrontational at the same time. He loved to talk ( guess I get a lot from him) and loved people in general.

Dad loved life! He was always chipper and happy. So, he was always a great source for a pick-me-up if needed it. He had a way of making you feel calm and balanced. With him gone now, I hold our many talks dear. I think about all our conversations (so many) and all the great advice he would give. If a person lives long enough, they are a goldmine for advice. That was my Dad. Special thanks to "Shefik presents Invocation" who captured my Dad's great personality in various clips filmed during his biography session.

I watch them often to feel close to him and feel myself smiling as he talks. Loving 'Only You' Dad, Happy Father's Day in heaven.

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