Every one of us has watched the Price Is Right in our lifetime.  Heck, the show has been on for 46 years now.  We all have our favorite games on the show.  My personal favorite, by the way, is Plinko.

And to get into the showcase showdown you have to spin the Big Wheel!  Well, last Friday, the Big Wheel went berserk and gave out a record amount of cash!

Host Drew Carey announced that during the spinning of the big wheel, anyone who landed on the dollar or a combination to make a dollar would get ten grand instead of the usual $1,000.

Can you believe all three contestants did just that to win a total of $30K?  But it gets better!  In their one bonus spin, if the people landed on the green sections which contain the 5 and 15 cents, they would win an additional $10,000, and if they hit the $1 exactly, they would get and additional $25K.

Well, two of the three contestants did exactly that, and the Price Is Right shelled out a record 80,000 bucks on Friday.

Here is how it all went down:

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