The longest running festival in Lake Charles known as Contraband Days has been a staple in the area for over 60 years.  Yesterday it was announced that the Contraband Days Festival is getting a face lift and a name change.

Contraband Days will no be known as "Louisiana Pirate Festival".  Will that make you go now?

Seeing that I was born and raised here in Lake Charles and lived here my whole life, I remember back in the day when Contraband Days was the Must GO TO festival of the year.

It ran for two weeks full of great concerts, boat races, and tons and tons of folks.  I mean if you weren't there then you were left out.

But in recent years, the festival has been declining in attendance.  So the board of Contraband Days has decided to revamp the whole thing and move into a new direction.

Russ Grantham, president of the Louisiana Pirate Festival said in a statement:

“The board felt that this name change would be a true reflection of the shift that is taking place with the festival itself. We have incredible food, music and artists in Louisiana, and everyone sees this as an opportunity to celebrate the best of who we are as a people and culture.

Festival will bring a more statewide appeal, moving past the 60th anniversary. It’s time for something new and different.

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