Ricky Williams who was the darling of Saints coach Mike Ditka was arrested Tuesday in Austin Texas. According to a report in the Austin American Statesman newspaper, Williams was arrested because of outstanding traffic warrants.

According to that report, Williams was pulled over on a routine traffic stop in South Austin when he was arrested on the outstanding warrants. As of this time, Williams is no longer in the Travis County jail.

Williams a Heisman Trophy winner for his outstanding college football career at the University of Texas at Austin was also a star in the NFL. His name often bristles the backs of many New Orleans Saints fans because of his lackluster performance while he was with the team.

Williams currently works on ESPN's Longhorn Television Network, a sports network that carries the University of Texas football games.

This isn't Williams first brush with the law. Almost 20 years ago while a player for the Saints Williams was arrested and taken to the Travis County Jail after refusing to sign a traffic ticket. Just recently Williams was in the news claiming he was the subject of racial profiling in an incident that happened in Tyler Texas.


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