So only here in Louisiana does this happen.  This morning I woke up to get ready for work and went outside my back doors to check things out.  Well when I walked outside I started hearing "Crunch, Crunch".

I was like hmm, something is in the trash so I started walking toward my bar where my trash can is located.  Well as I got closer I saw a critter in my trash can.  I was astonished to see what it was holding to!

It was a huge possum in my trash can using his hands and arms and was licking the inside of a bud light beer can. You know he was drinking that last ounce of backwash that all of us leave behind because the last swallow of a beer can be sometime kind of nasty!

I quickly grabbed my phone to take a picture but before I could get the camera on, he had dropped the can.  So I switched it to video, and caught the varmint in the trash and started talking to it while videoing him.   Here is what happened.

When the possum jumped out of the trash after drinking the remainder of my beer, I swear I heard him burp!  Oh and he also stumbled away LOL.  And no before you ask, He wasn't listening to George Jones in my bar either. Only in Louisiana right?

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