In the chapter on the book of stupidity, here is a great one for you. Saturday morning, two guys were drinking and gambling at a local casino in Lake Charles until the early morning hours, when they decided to steal a golf cart from the casino and drive it to a fast food restaurant.

They obviously drank a little too much and became hungry. So what do you do when that happens? Well, you steal a golf cart from the casino and drive it down a public road to a fast food restaurant to get something to eat.

The two male subjects decided to drive to the Chick-Fil-A on Nelson Road. They drove it down the main roads of Lake Charles and parked the golf cart right in front of the store. In the picture, you can even see that they drove over the cement parking bumper.

Golf Cart (Photo provided by D Griffin)

Once there, the intoxicated guys got out of the golf cart and went inside to order breakfast. After getting their food, they ate and then decided to pass out asleep in the booth they were sitting in inside the restaurant.

The Lake Charles police department was called out to the scene, and the two subjects were arrested. I guess now they can get a real good night's sleep instead of sleeping inside of a restaurant drunk.