This fella on YouTube done built himself a air conditioner, y'all!  And it's made from stuff you might already have gathering dust in your garage.

You'll need a sturdy five-gallon bucket, a smaller styrofoam bucket, a few sections PVC pipe, a small battery-operated fan (or one that runs on a solar cell) and something frozen.  Maybe a frozen gallon of water or the leftovers of a supermarket bag of ice.

With just a little elbow grease, you could build a homemade air conditioner that supposedly blasts out 40-degree air until the ice melts (somewhere between five and six hours).  PRO TIP:  You might want to build one BEFORE the power goes out.  Just sayin'.

But, if you've got one of these sitting around after a hurricane, instead of letting your food defrost in the fridge, get some use out of that ice while you can!  People might think you're crazy ... until you're the only house in the neighborhood with a cool breeze.

[h/t Workshop]