It's being called the Devious Lick Challenge and it's catching on faster than anyone cares to admit to. The TikTok challenge doesn't involve walking on milk crates or eating horrible things. This one encourages students to steal, break, or vandalize things around their school and video their actions on social media. I am fairly certain I have never gone to this extreme on breaking things at school. I will admit that it was pretty cool to put the toilet paper end in the toilet and flush it just to watch it spin-off of the roll. That was about the extent of my rebellious time in school. Now, kids are being encouraged to go to the limit all for the sake of social media credit.

More and more schools across the nation, including here in Lake Charles, are seeing random acts of vandalism in school. Kids are ripping soap dispensers, breaking mirrors, taking signs, flooding bathrooms by clogging toilets, stealing items from the classrooms, and even stealing teachers' personal items. There is even a side trend of kids taking red Kool-Aid squirt bottles and spraying random walls, toilets, sinks, and urinals to make it look like blood has gone everywhere. The trend seems to be spreading outside of school once the kids leave, they are carrying it into neighborhoods and other stores as they make their way home.

Other states are chiming in on what they are doing in order to get ahead of this trend before it gets worse. Superintendents are reaching out to parents and guardians to inform them of the trend, its name, and what it involves so that everyone can be on the lookout for it. School districts in Utah are acting quickly to shut the activities down and involving not only school discipline, but also law enforcement. Since the trend has become so popular, TikTok has stepped up and begun to remove all of the content involving this so-called challenge just as they did with the Milk Crate challenge a while back.


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