Monday is usually the day everybody says ugh, it's Monday.  But not fans of the show 'Swamp People'.  They look forward to Monday's to see what their favorite gator hunters are up to. Well tonight, your in luck because a new episode of 'Swamp People' is coming your way.

The 10 thousand dollar bounty is still in effect and the gator hunters and their teams are scrambling to get their big gators to the local buyer that has put out that big bounty this season.

Tonight's episode is called 'Badlands' and teams are going where no gator hunters have dared to travel just to catch the prize of a huge gator.  One team is so desperate that they travel into an area of the swamp that is said to be cursed!

'Swamp People' airs on Monday night's on the History Channel and airs at 8 p.m. Central time.