The world's largest convenience store may very well be the world's fastest-expanding convenience store too. Buc-ee's was founded in 1982 by Arch "Beaver" Aplin, who combined his nickname with his Lab Buck, to form the name of his convenience store. Aplin picked the Beaver for his mascot modeled after the cartoon image on Ipana toothpaste. The Buc-ee's flagship store opened in Clute, Texas, and it's still open!

Interestingly enough, Arch Aplin and his father were born in Southeast Texas, but his grandparents live in Harrisonburg, Louisiana. Interestingly enough, the only southern state that doesn't have a Buc-ee's location. Since 1982, Aplin expanded his wildly popular convenience store into a franchise that has spread out to 35 locations in Texas, 2 in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, 1 in Kentucky, and South Carolina.

A few weeks ago Buc-ee's opened in Sevierville, Tennessee and it's bigger than the New Braunfels location which used to be the biggest Buc-ee's on record, covering 66,335 sq. ft.(1.5 acres.) There are also stores under construction in Colorado and Tennessee, both sets to be even bigger at 75,000 sq. ft. (1.7 acres.) Believe it or not, there are plans in the works for 2 even bigger stores!

Back home in Texas the Lake Jackson flagship store, known as the chains first "travel center," will soon be replaced with a new store about 45 miles away in Austin. There is a Buc-ee's under construction now in Athen's, Alabama too. Get a load of this enormous location! The future is very bright for the world largest convenience store there's no doubt about it. These are the next Buc-ee's locations opening within the next couple of years.

Florence, South Carolina — 2022
Crossville, Tennessee — 2022
Athens, Alabama — 2023
Auburn, Alabama — 2023
Sevierville, Tennessee — 2023
Smiths Grove, Kentucky — 2023
Springfield, Missouri — 2023
Johnstown, Colorado — 2024
Boerne, Texas — 2025
Harrison County, Mississippi — 2025

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