Updated in 2022 here are a few more super nice stays in the Lake Charles area.  You really can't go wrong with Airbnbs. There are so many choices that no matter what a person's budget is, whether or not they are traveling with kids, pets, or both you can always find a place to stay. It's also good to know where nice Airbnb stays are in your community, especially around the holidays.

We are still wrapping up hurricane repairs and putting the final touches on our house. So I don't really have the occupations for guests right now. What I like to do, is give my friends and family vacation rental locations in the area so that they can have more than a bed and walls for the same price or better than a hotel. I found the latest listings for stays in Lake Charles on Airbnb and they are really nice!

Maybe the next time your family and friends are in town they could experience a little more of our city, by enjoying our unique architecture in these cool vacation rentals.  Here are a few of the Top Airbnb Listings in  Lake Charles.

12.) Downtown Remodeled Downtown Home


11.) Bella Nido Cottage Historic Downtown Lake Charles

10.) The Big White House

9.) Rustic Retreat Beautiful Timber Frame House

  8.) Cheerful cottage 3 bed, 2 bath home downtown!

7.) House On The Lake With Hot Tub

6.) Family Home With Pool

5.) Contemporary Cottage In Midtown Lake Charles

4.) The Grey House

3.) Luxury Calm & Peaceful

2.) Bright Townhouse Downtown

1.) Bohotopia

BONUS PICK! - Baja Bungalow

No matter what type of space you're looking for, it's here in the city. Hotels are wonderful, don't get me wrong and we have plenty of those to choose from here in Lake City as well. Including, the four finest casino hotel resorts you've ever had to pleasure of staying at. However, they don't work too well for big groups, and it could get a little costly if you have guests down for a few days. The good news is that Lake City and the surrounding areas have plenty of choices to choose from. Speaking of which, for even more Airbnb vacation rentals in SWLA click, HERE.

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