Taco Bell is really playing with our emotions at this point. They take the Mexican Pizza away, but then they give it back to us only to take it away again due to low supply. Finally, it has made its way back and we are all happy again. Recently, they ran a campaign to bring back another discontinued item, but let fans pick with of the two they would like back. The choice was their Double Decker Taco or the Enchirito.

I have to be honest, the Enchirito was my absolute jam. I have really only maybe eaten 3-4 Mexican Pizzas in my life, but Enchiritos I used to get consistently! Don't judge me! For those of you that aren't sure what an Enchirito is, let me school you on it for a second. It's a flour tortilla with onions, beans, and beef shoved in it. It's then topped with their "red sauce", whatever that is. Who cares, it's amazing. It's a wet burrito basically. The concoction was first on the menu back in the 70s and was finally discontinued in 2013. Taco Bell claimed that over 760,000 fans participated in the poll, and the Enchiroto was the victor. Now, when does it come out? There's a catch.

November 17 will be the drop date for the fabled Enchirito, but the catch seems to be it will be for a "limited time". How limited? Only Taco Bell knows. This whole trend with them giving and taking away is honestly getting a smidge old and worn out. They literally have all of the ingredients to make the Double Decker AND the Enchirito, but just won't actually make it for us. Nevertheless, my grumpiness towards their marketing still won't stop me from going to get one as many times as I can while it's around. I do the same thing for the McRib each season too.

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