According to reports, the McNeese Alumni Association Board of Directors is looking into possible McNeese Alumni Association misappropriation of funds. The board has brought in an “independent, external” auditor to conduct a “forensic accounting investigation” to look into the matter. Now that audit is under a potential criminal investigation and has been turned over to Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office for a review.

The McNeese Alumni Association is a separate, independent, 501(c)(3) organization. Today Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso issued the following statement in regard to the investigation:

“The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office recently received a report from the McNeese Alumni Association. The association has provided CPSO with internal and external documents in regards to a possible misappropriation and theft of funds. Although the information received from the association reveals a likely misuse of funds, CPSO detectives must subpoena banking records from corresponding accounts to corroborate the alleged crimes.

The investigation is in the infancy stages and there is no further information to release at this time. As the investigation progresses and more information is obtained, we will update the media and our community. We want to ensure the investigation is thorough. Financial crimes are complex and normally take time to complete.”

KPLC reports, that MSU Association officials also issued a statement that read,

“The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office will determine the next steps and McNeese Alumni Board of Directors will support the decisions of the Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office,” Tthe Association further stated. “It does not appear that state funds or McNeese State University funds have been misappropriated.”

For more on this investigation tune into your local news this evening. We will also do our best to follow this report and keep you up to date on the results of the forensic accounting investigation and results.

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