May is Mental Health Awareness Month and every year around this time the National Alliance on Mental Illness(NAMI) goes the extra mile to fight the stigma and raise awareness. All month long there are events across the nation to educate the public, raise funds for those in need of financial support and advocate for better mental health care and push for improved policies that support people dealing with mental illness and their families.

"Together For Mental Illness" is the motto this year and that message going to be amplified throughout the month. Organizations like NAMI are fighting for people affected by mental illness to get appropriate support to enable them to live fulfilling lives. Someone who knows a little about wanting to enjoy a quality life, while struggling with mental illness is R&B star SZA.

mental health hotline, called it the GoodLine888-808-0CRY 

SZA’s transparency about her mental health and helped to validate fans that are trying to cope themselves and normalizes discussions of depression, anxiety and other debilitating mental factors. Hopefully more celebrities like the 31-year old R&B star will be inspired to speak on their experiences and struggles with mental health in the near future. Like her song, Good Days, she has a lot of those ahead of her.

Speaking of which, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month the R&B star has partnered with Crocs to release a limited edition collection of her own. Sza's Crocs features two limited-edition shoes, a Crocs Classic Clog ($70) and Crocs Classic Slide ($40). The SZA Croc features a woodgrain pattern and to display her personality some really cool custom Jibbitz™ charms that represent totems to help keep her grounded, cool, calm and collected! Of course, proceeds from the sales will go to mental health awareness organizations

Want a pair? Now through May 6, 2022 at 11am CT, fans can go to and enter the drawing for a chance to purchase a pair from the collection. Proceeds from the sales will go to mental health awareness organizations.

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