In lieu of recent repairs, the Lake Charles City Council recently proposed that it's time for the Civic Center to get a security system overhaul. The 2020 storms did a job on the entertainment complex and the hurricane-force winds destroyed a lot of the building's exterior cameras. This week city officials met to set forth a plan to implement an enhanced surveillance system and discussed the importance of making sure the area is safe for everyone.

He told KPLC, “It’s busy at noon, sometimes it’s busy at 10 p.m. and we just want to have the right surveillance to make sure we are capturing. We want people to feel safe as well.” Other city officials said pretty much the same thing. It's not that anything new has occurred, rather it's out of concern for the general public's safety. Mayor Hunter added that he wants to have the "right kind of equipment" for surveillance to capture everything.

The process according to city officials will take a few months. Once all the measures have been approved, the installation will begin.

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