Father's Day is coming up this Sunday, June 20. Do you have the perfect gift yet? We all know the traditional things we buy, but we wanted to put a little twist on it.

Traditional gifts include things like ties, socks, pajama pants, books, and #1 Dad coffee mugs, but we wanted to see what the most Louisiana thing you could buy your dad is.

The answers we received on social media were hilarious and very creative. So if you're from Louisiana, there are certain things you would want that might cause dads from other parts of the country to say, "Huh, what is that?"

Here are some of the most Louisiana things you could give to your dad this year.

Folks chimed in with presents like:

  • White rubber boats -- AKA Cameron Reeboks
  • Generator -- We all know we have needed one of these lately
  • Crawfish Boil -- You better check on that though because the season is coming to an end
  • Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License -- They don't call us Sportsman's Paradise for no reason
  • Any Clothes That Are Purple and Gold -- Lord, how dads from Louisiana love the LSU Tigers
  • Guns and Ammunition -- We love our guns in Louisiana and need as many as possible
  • Crocs -- The official footwear of a Louisiana Dad
  • Black Cast Iron Pots -- We all know Louisiana dads know how to cook, and they refuse to cook in anything other that cast iron pots

These are just a few ideas before Father's day gets here this Sunday. Good luck and Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

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