Greg Kata is a theatrical teacher in New Orleans that teaches students kindergarten through seventh grade. He said he discovered TikTok when people started sending him videos from the social media site. Little by little Mr. Kata he watched and enjoyed to videos. Next thing you know, Kata was cooking up a way to teach his kids and grown ups a few things about laughter.

Life has a funny way of leading you to your destiny and Greg found his in theater. After watching hundreds of videos, he downloaded the TikTok app and taught himself how to use it. Then he got a handle, Kata, and started making video's of his own with the intent of lifting peoples spirits. In doing so, the teacher realized he got more and followers when he hosted a post.

I gotta admit his attitude is wonderful and he really does tell the sweetest stories and offers the best advice. His videos are pretty funny and a bringing folks a lot of joy in some pretty dark times. Speaking of which he explained, “I get wonderful messages every day from people just saying they’re in a dark place and my videos make them happy, I can’t complain at all.” I guess not, because he went from no followers to an incredible 2 million in a matter of months.

I see why, because I am a Mr. Kata follower as well! My daughter loves him and to be perfectly honest, she was the one who that introduced me to his page. I am glad she did! I am also glad that we still have people like this wonderful teacher left in the world to remind us how to keep smiling and laugh a big hardy laugh every once in a while. Besides his facial expressions are hilarious. Keep up the good work Greg and keep bring people joy. Happiness...pass it on!

Happy New Year everyone!

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