While I am not a proponent of drinking and driving. I am a proponent of enjoying beverages in the vicinity of your own home. Since many people like to partake in spirits as we go into the new year. I wanted to try and do my part to give you a couple of spots that are very good when it comes to the frozen daiquiris here in Lake Charles. These are merely the places that I have tried and I can't speak on someone else's personal take, only the ones that I frequented and love going to.

Here are some Daiquiri spots in Lake Charles. Make sure you stop by and patronize these local establishments as many have so many different flavors. It's often hard to decide which one you may want to try out.

Daiquiri Shack

2451 Ryan Street

I go to this one often and while I don't splurge and choose too many different flavors. This is one of those places where you can't go wrong, regardless of what you choose. The only dilemma that you may have is choosing the size that you think you can finish.

Paradise Daiquiris

2021 Country Club Road

I remember this spot from when my wife and I visited some friends and recommended this place. We were able to purchase a gallon of a particular daiquiri and took it to their home and the party begin.

New Orleans Original Daiquiris Lake Charles

5111 Common Street

No, this is not truly a local establishment, but they are now a part of the Lake Charles community and from the looks of it. They are fitting in just fine with everyone here.

Funky Money Daiquiris

601 E. Prien Lake Road

This spot has a real chill ambiance for being on the inside. You never know who you may strike up a conversation with. One thing for a fact is that the drinks are good as ever on the inside along with the chill atmosphere.

Daiquiris & Dogs

L'Auberge Casino Resort

How about a hot dog? What about a signature Daiquiri to go along with it? That is exactly what you'll get and a little more if you decide to check them out here.

Here are some other notable spots in case you are looking for those flavorful beverages.


Cajun Jeaux's

Linda's Lounge

One of my favorites go-to locations is House O' Soul, while they are temporarily closed, The word is that they were affected by the Hurricane and will be returning soon. I am telling you aside from some of the best wings in the city. If you have not had the Daiquiris from there, you are missing out on a treat. I will make sure to update you as soon as I get some information on their return.

Again, this is not a list to go out and drink and drive. But these are some great establishments here in Lake Charles if you want to have a good time and beverage while you are at your home enjoying some friends or loved ones.



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