We just came off of a huge Christmas with family and loved ones for the holidays. Now is the time that we look forward to the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. A new year will be upon us as we prepare to celebrate and bring great things for ourselves personally and for our families.

Many families like to get together and pull out the fireworks for a great time. Obviously, you want to practice safety while utilizing your fireworks, but I have rounded up some locations that you may consider going to in order to get those sparks in your life for this weekend.

Angelo's Fireworks has been around for years and they have several locations. Here are some that may be close to you

Angelos Fireworks

5409 Common Street

Angelos Fireworks

1878 Sam Houston Jones Pkwy

Angelo's Fireworks

Moss Bluff, La

Angelo's Fireworks also has locations in Dequincy, Carencro, and Crowley. This means you can find plenty of fireworks for families near and far.

Fireworks City

4945 Weaver Road

Hale Fireworks

5607 Common Street

Big Dan's Fireworks

Moss Bluff, La

B&J Fireworks

I know that many of you are excited about the new year and will want to make sure that all of your kids are involved in your fireworks activities. Here are some safety tips for you and yours so that not only will you be able to enjoy it but can do it safely.








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