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To be perfectly honest this is a big deal, because a lot of people suffer with stomach problems and don't know why. A lot of times, it's because they are lactose intolerant and don't even know it. Most people suffer with stomach problems and never go to the doctor to find out why. In my family and extended family some members have acid reflux, others have gal bladder issues or even diverticulitis. Most of these medical issues can be eliminated or maintained by eating a proper diet.

Likewise, 16-years ago Dupri changed his diet to improve his health by adopting a vegan lifestyle. He explained it is very difficult at times trying to find something to eat. So when the opportunity arised for him to collaborate with ice cream expert Malcolm Stogo and Big Innovations Group Inc. he went for it. JD said in a recent interview with Mashed earlier this month, he's on the road a lot and many times restaurant don't offer a lot of vegan choices. The music star added, "Being vegan, I'm pretty much a connoisseur of knowing what we don't have in the marketplace.," he continued that every time he asks for a vegan desert, they give him fruit. "I just ordered a $200 meal. I don't want a fruit plate," he said.

I can't say that I blame him either. Vegan or not, this ice cream is already getting some great reviews. The best part about it, is it's easy to find. JD teamed-up with Walmart to debut his new line of ice cream in more than 700 stores across the country! By the way, JD's Vegan Ice Cream maintains its thick texture, without animal-based ingredients, because it's made from a base of coconut cream. Sounds delicious too. I don't have stomach issues, nor am I vegan, but I do plan on picking up a pint to give it a try.

Besides the flavor names sound pretty cool like Welcome to Atlanta Peach Cobbler; Apple Butter; and Strawberry Sweetheart, Key Lime Pie, Chocolate My Way, and (404) Cookies & Cream. That's JD’s Vegan Ice Cream available exclusively at Walmart or online at Oh, and the price isn't bad either. A pint costs roughly $5.

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