Just last week I was able to give out flowers to Michael McGowen on his stellar cane work as a member of Kappa Alpha Psi. He is now in the news for doing something that we need at this time. Michael just released the trailer for the upcoming documentary "Coming Up From The Ashes". The trailer shows the devastation that Lake Charles endured from hurricanes Laura and Delta as well as the freeze storm and flooding that we had a few months later. The documentary brings light to the fact that we are no longer discussed in the news and we also have not gotten the proper attention and relief that many of the families in SWLA need.

I knew that Michael was working on the documentary and while it showcases the tough time we had and are still having after the natural disasters we had. The film shows how we all came together to help one another. Whether it was organizations giving out hot meals, or workers coming together to cut down trees to keep some homes from being totally destroyed.

When Hurricane Ida was forecast, many of us were on the fence about whether or not we would be affected. Some of the previous hurricanes mentioned were not initially supposed to come our way. As fate would have it, that changed and we ended up being in the eye of the storm.

Seeing what our extended family down east is going through was truly something that brought back scary memories that we hate to think about. So when I say we know what they went through, it is more than a statement. There is not a release date for the documentary, but I already know that it will do what it is supposed to do. We need help in Louisiana, and so many businesses and homeowners here in Lake Charles need a break. When this film is released make sure to spread the word to any of your friends in other places and let them know about this well put together documentary about Lake Charles.

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