After you get past the threat to your personal safety and that of your family the other big question that a lot of people have been asking is about how their insurance companies will be handling even more claims brought about by tropical weather.

Many residents have already filed claims against their homeowner's insurance in the wake of Hurricane Laura. It was at that time you were probably reacquainted with the slap in the face that is a "Named Storm Deductible". See, that's why it's so important as to whether the weather service names a storm or not.

Well, there is good news if you also were affected by Hurricane Delta. You may file yet another claim against your policy if further damages were incurred. However, your insurance company is not allowed to hold you to a named storm deductible for a second time.

According to the Louisiana Department of Insurance if you have already documented your claims against Laura related damages you will need to re-document any other damages incurred during Hurricane Delta. Your insurance provider should be able to provide guidance on what you'll need to do.

One item that LDI was pretty adamant about was receipts. Make sure you keep receipts for expenses and items purchased to help you weather the storm or provide shelter and safety for your family. Having proof of the purchase of these items will help document your claim(s) and expedite their closure.


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