Tyler Manick headed to Lake Charles, Louisiana to help Entergy restore power after Hurricane Laura less than one day after being told he was cancer-free. The first thing he wanted to do after the awesome news was to help the people of Southwest Louisiana.

Manick works for Duke Energy in North Carolina. He and others from Duke Energy loaded up to travel 900 miles down to Louisiana to help rebuild Entergy's power grid that was heavily damaged by Hurricane Laura.

In 2018 Manick was told to get his affairs in order as he may be dead in six weeks if the treatment didn't work. He had been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a very aggressive blood cell cancer, usually fatal within weeks of being diagnosis if untreated.

With his wife Chelsey by his side, Manick entered treatment in mid-May of 2018 to begin what ended up being a 27-month battle. The treatment left him too sick to work, but he was determined to live and watch his two-year-old daughter Samaira grow up. He pressed on even when it felt like the cancer was winning.

On August 21, Manick's 812 days of treatment ended and on October 8, 2020, the battle ended with test results proclaiming Tyler Manick, a lineman for Duke Energy, CANCER FREE!

Less than a day later he was on a truck headed for Louisiana. He said the first thing he wanted to do after the news was to help the people of Louisiana.

In a statement from Entergy, Manick is quoted saying, "We hunkered down and held onto God".

And the people of Louisiana are thanking God for watching over Tyler and his beautiful heart. It's people like Tyler who are the true heroes of our society. Tyler Manick, the people of Louisiana are proud to have you here. We thank you and wish you continued good health.


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