So, the odds that you’ll make a hole-in-one on any given golf shot are pretty long to begin with — but how long do those odds get when a brand new Nissan 370Z is on the line? Don’t ask me — I failed math. But you can ask golfer Norman Chapper, if you want, since he actually did it on Monday at the first annual Townsquare Media Classic at L’Auberge Du Lac’s Contraband Bayou.


It probably started off as a normal game of golf, a three-man scramble in the afternoon. Norman starts talking trash among his golf buddies. One partner jokes that if Norman can make the shot, he’d buy the car from him. Norman doesn’t bat an eye and says, oh yeah, he’ll make the shot. It’s the kind of stuff guys say to one another all the time.

And then he actually did it. That son of a gun. So how did it happen?

A huge thanks to Nissan of Lake Charles for making it happen!

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