With Louisiana taking a step back in its fight against COVID-19, the questions begin to arise for Louisiana's favorite past time and how it will be impacted. LSU will play its first game September 11 against the McNeese Cowboys, and some fans are beginning to wonder how Tiger Stadium will look.

It's quite strange still to see no fans in the stands during the current Tokyo Olympics, some sports fans never really got used to the fake fan noises during other professional sports either. Will Death Valley look the same way? According to a letter sent out to LSU season ticket holders, it will be business as usual for football fans. The letter stated that they had no plans to put any restrictions in place for fans entering the game. They did go on to mention that they are still monitoring the situation closely, and with Louisiana being under another mandate, there's a chance that all could change in the blink of an eye.

In total, LSU will host seven home games this year. These home games allowing a fill crowd will not only help the school with its funds, but the businesses that have been impacted around campus and in Baton Rouge in general. It seems like as we step backwards a bit, other business around the state are feeling a bit of PTSD.

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