Recent ransomware attacks like the recent Colonial Pipeline breach, deserve our attention. Learn how to stop hackers from posing a serious threat to your company and customer database. Louisiana has had its share in cyber attacks in the past. In 2019 hackers hit our Office of Motor Vehicles and shut the entire system down for weeks. Ransomware locked-up state computers and brought an already overloaded OMV system to its knees.

Now more than ever, we live, socialize, bank, eat and run our businesses in a virtual world. So it stands to reason that we the more people have access to our lifestyles, the more at risk we become to being victims of cyber attacks. The COVID pandemic has only added to cybersecurity issues, because more and more businesses and their workers operate from home. All that data and personal info out there in cyberspace has only made us vulnerable for the next cyber attacked.

The Calcasieu Police Jury recently hosted this areas first cybersecurity summit at the McNeese Seed Center to help raise awareness. Cybersecurity pros were on hand to area industry, businesses and organizations preventive tips to keep their databases safe and secure. Here is how you can do the same!

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