The Louisiana Pirate Festival, formally Contraband Days, has been a fixture of SWLA life since 1957.

The festival is usually held annually during the first two weeks of May and is based on the stories of pirate Jean Lafitte and his dealings in the Lake Area. As legend has it, Lafitte buried much of his treasure somewhere in SWLA.

There was no festival last year because of the pandemic. However, organizers say there are plans for a return this year.

Russ Grantham, President of the Louisiana Pirate Festival, told KPLC they're going to hold the festival as soon as possible. They are waiting for the current Phase 3 reopening protocol the state is in to ease up so people can come and enjoy the music, food, and rides. Even though we don't know when that will happen, Grantham is optimistic the festival will happen either in late summer or fall of this year.

Below is a blast from the past:

For the latest updates on the Pirate Festival, click here.

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