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It feels like Marvel just got started with shows on Disney+, but Marvel is already going to expand on their MCU shows this week by releasing Falcon & Winter Soldier to go along with their recently completed WandaVision series.

Unlike WandaVision, which was set up as a spooky-mystery show, Falcon & Winter Soldier is set up to be an action-packed buddy-cop type show. With lots of big fights, and classic MCU scenes. With plenty of standard Marvel chirping between characters, which has been highlighted often in their previews and trailers. Especially the banter between Anthony Mackie's Falcon, and Sebastian Stan's Winter Soldier.

But there's something else that looks like its appearing in the trailers a lot. That appears to be...Louisiana.

If you check out the landscape around Mackie's Falcon/Sam Wilson when he's training with the Captain America shield. Looks a lot like Monica Rambeau's home from Captain Marvel, which was in Louisiana.

Now in the comic books, Monica Rambeau was from New Orleans, so placing her family home in Louisiana made sense. However in the comics, Falcon/Wilson is from New York's Harlem neighborhood, pretty far away from New Orleans.

But the actor behind the MCU's version of Falcon is from Louisiana. He was born and raised in New Orleans, where his father owns a roofing business. He attended Warren Easton High School and the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. His brother was even an Associate Professor at Tulane.

It doesn't appear that any Louisiana destinations are listed in the shows production locations, so if it is supposed to be Louisiana, the setting was built somewhere else.

So whether or not those scenes are in Louisiana in the context of the show, Falcon & Winter Soldier will have some Louisiana flair, because Mackie will be bringing it himself to the Falcon character.

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