Big news in the NFL over the weekend: Drew Brees made his retirement as a New Orleans Saint official yesterday. Brees leaves behind an amazing career in the NFL and records galore while playing for the Saints. We can never forget the Super Bowl after Hurricane Katrina, when Brees took the Saints all the way for an amazing comeback for the state of Louisiana.

In the wake of his big news with retirement, Brees announced on the Today Show that although he is retiring from the NFL, he will not be out totally. Brees will now be working for NBC as a studio analyst for Football Night in America. He will make his debut for the network's coverage of the Notre Dame game coming up. Not only will Brees be handling football, but NBC will also feature the former Saint during the Super Bowl and the Olympic games.

Now that the secret is out, NBC announced Brees's contract for this new chapter has been sitting on hold. NBC made the offer a while back, and they were just waiting on Brees to retire so he could make the switch to NBC Sports the moment it happened.

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