Mayor Nic Hunter recently shared his frustration with FEMA and their response to the overwhelming issues with temporary housing for SWLA residents. Over six months after Hurricanes Laura and Delta ravaged the area, a huge percentage of Lake Charles residents are still displaced.

Other than new construction, most of the city's residential apartment complexes and housing communities remain closed or have been completely destroyed. Earlier this month, FEMA told KPLC everyone should be able to move back home in the fall, around September or October.

However, Mayor Hunter is not satisfied with that and feels the government agency should've taken action sooner. In addition, the Mayor wrote a letter to FEMA to express his frustration with their disaster response because he feels they can do more. Mayor Hunter is calling on FEMA to step up. The lack of urgency is outrageous, stressful, and frustrating for the people who want to come home.

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