During the pandemic, many tried to add activities to our boredom. One of those wild ideas was a drive-in movie theater. The thought caught on and seemed to be the big going-out thing to do while we were all stuck together.

It seems actor and singer, John Schneider, grasped the idea and decided to run with it a bit further. The original Duke boy has a full drive-in theater screen built on the property of his Holden studios and named it the Stars 'n' Cars Drive-in Cinema. It soft launched a few weeks ago, but this weekend is its official grand opening in Holden.

The area will hold 200 cars while they watch movies on a 40-foot wide screen that sits 12 feet off the ground. Tickets are only $20 for each movie or $30 if you want to watch both movies in one night. After each movie during opening weekend, Schneider himself will step out and hold a Q&A session with guests of the new theater.

You have to pre-purchase your tickets from the ticket website, but it certainly seems like a fun little trip to take.

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